Silver-gilt Trefid Sweetmeat Set, 1690

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Sweetmeat Set - Engraved Trefid; gilt - London c.1690 by Thomas Tysoe - Knife: 111mm long; Teaspoon: 103mm long; Fork: 98mm long; 136g combined weight - CR/3069

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This is a stunning dessert set and it is extremely rare to find a set so complete. It consists of 6 forks, 6 knives and 4 teaspoons. Presumably 2 teaspoons have been lost over the years. The knives are particularly rare and are in the canon handled style with steel blades. The spoons and forks are identically engraved in the flameback trefid style with a hidden face amongst the decoration. Each piece retains it's original lemon gilding and is in fabulous condition. The spoons and knife handles are all marked with the "TT" mark of Thomas Tysoe who specialised in these small flatware items. It is extremely unlikely that the steel blades would have survived 320 years; a couple are engraved with the "Garrard" name and date from the mid-19th century whilst other bear a dagger and fleur-de-lys trademark. A truly wonderful set.