Large Queen Anne Porringer, 1712

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Porringer - 2 handled, Campana shape - London 1712 by Matthew Lofthouse - 140mm high; 220mm wide; 140mm diameter top rim; 458 grams - Ref. No.: CR/2478

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This is a large example of a Queen Anne period silver porringer. It has two handles, is fluted around the foot and lower body and has a rope work girdle around the central section. There is a cartouche to both sides that is flanked by acanthus leaves and scrolls. Both cartouches are free from engravings, but are likely to have been erased at some point (n.b. they are not thin!). The Britannia Standard hallmarks are adjacent to one handle and are in crisp condition with the distinctive "L" cutting through "O" makers mark . The porringer is in fine all around condition with no signs of damage nor repair. It has a good solid weight of 14.7 tr.oz. and for a three hundred year old porringer it has survived remarkably well and is a great example of its type..