Silver-gilt Posy Vase, London 1864

Silver gilt posy vase London 1864 alexander macrae
Silver gilt posy vase London 1864 alexander macrae DSCN7389 DSCN7390 DSCN7391 DSCN7392 DSCN7393 DSCN7394 DSCN7396 DSCN7397


Posy Vase - Gilt; Sprung Legs, Gem Mounted - London 1864 by Alexander Macrae - 11.5cm high; 71g - KE/5329

Superbly presented, this is a stunning Victorian silver-gilt posy vase.

This lovely-looking posy vase is gilt all over and set with two bands of brilliant gems and festooned with chain swags. There are three legs which are hidden away when the vase is in use for carrying posies and can then be opened out to stand the vase on a table and display the flowers at a later time. The flowers are held in place by two pins that can be pushed in from both sides. The three legs are secured in place by an umbrella which when pulled against its' spring will release the legs - each of which is individually sprung and held in check by a restraining chain. 

This fantastic posy vase was made by the premier London silversmith Alexander Macrae, is in superb condition and presented in a later-made, top quality, silk-lined case with blue velvet exterior.