Silver 'Frying Pan' Caddy Spoon, 1807 Wm Pugh

William Pugh Silver frying pan caddy spoon
William Pugh Silver frying pan caddy spoon DSCN8316 v2 DSCN8317 v2 DSCN8318 v2 DSCN8319 v3


Caddy Spoon - 'Frying Pan' - Birmingham 1807 by William Pugh - 6.6cm long; 6g - DS/2031

This is a fine example of a die-stamped Georgian silver caddy spoon with circular bowl - often referred to as "frying pans".

Made by William Pugh, this spoon has a decorated, bifurcated handle with an engraved initial to the front terminal. It is in excellent original condition and fully hallmarked to the reverse of the handle.

This type of spoon was a speciality of William Pugh and a similar example is shown on plate 61a of "Caddy Spoons:An Illustrated Guide" by John Norie.