Queen Anne Porringer, 1704

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Porringer - Round with two Handles - London 1704 - 8cm high; 9.5cm diameter top rim; 14.5cm wide (incl. handles); 153g - JH/4951

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This is a lovely example of an early 18th century silver 2-handled porringer or caudle cup. It takes the typical round form with two handles and a combination of chased and punched decoration. The lower section of the body is fluted and a rope-work band runs around the upper part. To one side is a scroll enclosed cartouche that is free from engraving and appears to have never been so (no erasures). Porringers from the Queen Anne period tend to be found in poor condition, but this one is excellent with neither damage nor repair and a crisp design. The Britannia Standard hallmarks are generally clear too, although the first half of the maker's mark cannot be read (?O).A fine example at a sensible price.