Novelty Silver Dog Whistle, 1872

Silver dog whistle by George Unite
Silver dog whistle by George Unite DSCN5907 DSCN5908 DSCN5911 DSCN5912 DSCN5913


Dog Whistle - Birmingham 1872 by George Unite - 8.5cm long; 31g - VB/2821

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This is a beautiful silver whistle formed as a labrador's head.

The whistle was originally given as a prize at the Wolverhampton Shown in 1873 and is engraved thus. The labrador has a carrying ring in its mouth which can be attached to a chain if required. Made by George Unite in Birmingham the hallmarks of this whistle has the date letter stamped twice and no anchor mark - presumably an oversight at the assay office! This is a good-sized novelty whistle in excellent condition.