'Lady Bountiful' Sherry Label, 1809

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Wine Label - Sherry; 'Lady Bountiful' - London 1809 by Charles Reily &amp; George Storer - 5.4cm x 4.3cm; 21g - CM/8659</p>

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This is a fabulous wine label in one of the most popular designs. It is beautifully proportioned with a naked winged lady or fairy to the top with long outstretched arms encompassing a vine and grape border and a lion's mask to the base. The "Lady Bountiful" label is a rare occurrence and is illustrated (figure 564) and discussed in "Wine Labels 1730-2003" edited by John Salter. This is a fine early example of the type (pre-dating the first suggested manufacture of 1821 by some 12 years) with clear hallmarks for Reily & Storer overstriking another - possibly that of Benjamin & James Smith producing for Rundell Bridge & Rundell..