Irish Provincial Dessert Spoon, 1790

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Dessert Spoon - Celtic Point Bright-Cut Star - Cork circa 1790 by Joseph Gibson - 18.5cm long; 28g - GD/1094

This is a very beautiful silver Celtic Point dessert spoon decorated in the stunning Bright-cut Star pattern. Additionally, the spoon bears an engraved crest to the cartouche at the front terminal.  This lovely spoon is in excellent condition and has an interesting set of marks.

Bright-cut Star is almost exclusively an Irish design and this spoon bears provincial marks, including the initials "JG" thrice, which in the absence of other contenders, is likely to be for the Cork silversmith Joseph Gibson. He tended to make plain Celtic point spoons and used his "GIBSON" mark in conjunction with the "STERLING" mark, however he is purported to also have used a "JG" mark. Potentially this spoon could be something altogether different and more interesting - ideas are welcome!