Hull Trefid Spoon, 1690

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Spoon - Trefid with Decorated Rattail - Hull circa 1690 by Thomas Hebden - 20.8cm long; 56g - GC/6641</p>

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This is a very rare Yorkshire-made silver trefid spoon with the TH maker's mark of the Hull silversmith Thomas Hebden. The spoon is in fair condition with some squaring-off to the bowl tip from wear and a pitted terminal to the handle, but the majority of value in this spoon is in its rarity appeal. Additional points of interest are the decorated rattail (some wear) and the contemporary to manufacture engraved betrothal triangle to the reverse terminal "R" over "T*A" where "R" is the initial letter of the happy couple's surname and "T" and "A" their first names.


Hull-made silver is very scarce and this spoon is clearly marked with the town mark, three ducal coronets in pale, as well as the TH with three pellets above maker's mark - see Jackson's page 473, 16th & 17th entries.