"Harp" Hat Pin Cushion by Sampson Mordan

harp silver hat pin cushion by sampson mordan
harp silver hat pin cushion by sampson mordan dscn8482 dscn8483 1 novelty silver harp hat pin stand chester 1905 sampson mordan dscn8486 1 dscn8485


Hat Pin Stand - Harp - Chester 1905 by Sampson Mordan &amp; Co. - 14.8cm high; 9.4cm wide; 4cm diameter base; 209g gross weight - VP/7545</p>

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This is a fantastic piece. It is a large,superbly modelled hat pin stand formed as a harp. When in position the hat pins would double up as the strings of the instrument and fit in to the velvet covered inside length. Made by the specialist high quality novelty maker, Samspon Mordan, this superb piece remains in fine condition throughout and bears the design registration number Rd453545.