Harlequin Silver Sugar Nips, 1850

Harlequin silver sugar nips by Yapp Woodward
Harlequin silver sugar nips by Yapp Woodward DSCN6563 DSCN6564 DSCN6566


Sugar Nips - Harlequin - Birmingham 1850 by Yapp & Woodward - 11.9cm long; 70g - TF/3128

This lovely pair of Victorian silver sugar nips are formed as a harlequin complete with costume and hat. In his hands he is holding a aloft a pair of ouroboros rings (i.e a snake eating its tail representing eternity).

Amusingly when opened, the harlequin's head separates from the body. His boots act as flat grips for grabbing the sugar lumps and it is here that the hallmarks are located and spread between the two grips. Made by Yapp & Woodward in 1850, this novelty pair of sugar nips continue to be in fine condition.