Art Deco CSAC Pint Mug, 1940

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Pint Mug - Art Deco; Handmade - London 1940 by Central School of Arts & Crafts - 11.8cm high; 9cm diameter rim; 12.8cm wide incl. handle; 365g - AL/6581

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This handsome silver pint mug was expertly hand-made in the Art Deco style at the Central School of Arts & Crafts. The name "S. Hammond" is engraved between the hallmarks to the underside and is presumably the name of the student that made the mug under the influence and tutelage of HG Murphy, in whose style the mug is made and who was lately a teacher at the school, until his death in 1939.


This tankard has a good, satisfying feel in the hand and has an overall planished finish. The foot, with its facetted form, shows the greatest HG Murphy influence; it must have been tricky to make, but has been brilliantly executed. The condition is excellent throughout with a further bonus of no personalised engravings.