Charles Fox Wine Funnel, 1825

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Wine Funnel - 2 section with Strainer & Spout - London 1825 by Charles Fox - 14cm high; 8.7cm diameter; 103g - BL/8279

This is a lovely Georgian period silver wine funnel with removable strainer section and swan-necked spout - the long spout is in original condition and will prevent the wine bruising from dropping in to the decanter - instead it will run down the side of the glass. The top section has an attractive drilled strainer with flower motif and has a gadroon mount to the rim. There is a hook in the form of a convolvulus for hanging to the side of a decanter. The strainer section bears a full set of hallmarks for a premier silversmith and the spout has an appropriate part set to match. This is a fine quality silver wine funnel in excellent condition.