Elizabethan Bodkin, 1600

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Bodkin - Engraved; Trefoil Finial - Circa 1600 - 12.9cm long; 12.8g - CS/6679</p>

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Dating from the beginning of the 16th century (late Elizabethan/James I periods), this unmarked silver bodkin is decorated around the pierced threading slot with original engraving and has a trefoil terminal. It bears original "P.S" engraved initials to one side and is in fine condition throughout.


The main function of a bodkin was to thread bands of cords through corsets and other items of clothing. The ribbon or cord was threaded through the rectangular slit. A secondary function for bodkins was to punch holes in leather and other textiles or to be used like a needle. The small eye was used for hanging it up or suspending it from a belt or chatelaine.