Arum Lily Posy Vase, 1877

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Posy Vase - Arum Lily - London 1877 by E H Stockwell - 13.5cm long; 114g - BF/9131

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This is a superb silver posy holder in the form of an Arum Lily (Zantedeschia Aetheopica). The piece is realistically modelled with the inside of the flower (spathe) showing a prominent spadix. The stalk terminates in three fold-out legs so that the holder can be stood on a table and used as a vase (the cap at the end is sprung and is pulled out with a chain). There are two chains: the one connected to the base which also carries a finger ring and the other to the top to retain the pin that when inserted holds the floral arrangement in place. The quality of this posy holder is exceptional and typical of the work of EH Stockwell. It is in fine condition and has a gilt (gold-washed) interior.


The flower upon which this fine piece is modelled can be seen at this link: