Arts & Crafts Bowl, 1916 DSCG

Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild Silver bowl 1916
Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild Silver bowl 1916 Millicent Sutherland antique silver dish DSCG 1912 DSCN8874 DSCN8876 DSCN8879


DSCG Bowl - Round with Two Handles - Birmingham 1916 by Millicent Sutherland (D.S.C.G.) - 13cm diameter; 17.2cm wide incl. handles; 5.5cm high; 204g - NH/1097

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In 1900, Lady Millicent St.Clair-Erskine, Duchess of Sutherland began a guild for crippled children in Stoke-on-Trent to learn a craft and produce metalware in the arts & crafts style. This became the Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild and silverware produced by the guild bears both the "MS" maker's mark of the Duchess as well as the much sought after D.S.C.G surmounted by a ducal coronet stamp which can be found to the underside of this piece.

This silver quaich-style bowl has a lovely simple, spot-hammered form with two side handles. It has a pleasing feel in the hand and remains in excellent condition.