Art Deco Pint Mug by HG Murphy

HG Murphy SIlver Mug Art Deco
HG Murphy SIlver Mug Art Deco DSCN7293 DSCN7294 DSCN7296 DSCN7299 DSCN7301


Mug - Pint; Bellied Cylinder - London 1932 by H G Murphy - 10.7cm high, 13.2cm wide (inc. handle), 10.3cm diameter of base; 600ml capacity; 437g - Ref: DS/9218

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This is a fabulous silver pint mug made by the important Art Deco period silversmith, HG Murphy. This tankard has a fabulous feeling of quality and good weight in the hand and bears an engraved crest featuring a lion and the motto "Deus Vitae Textor" (translates to "life for weaver"). This silver beer mug is clearly hallmarked to the underside and includes a good example of Murphy's Falcon Studio workshop.

An excellent piece in superb condition!