Adelaide Pattern Silver Fish Slice, 1840 GA

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DSCN9025 v2 Adelaide pattern silver fish slice server London 1840 George Adams Chanwer DSCN9022 v3 DSCN9024 v2 DSCN9026


Fish Slice - Adelaide Pattern - London 1840 by George Adams - 32cm long, 230 grams - NB/5969

This is an outstanding quality early Victorian silver fish slice - just look at the stunning pierced and engraved decoration to the blade!

This fish server is in the sought after and scarce Adelaide pattern and was made by the important London makers Chawner & Company - 1840 was the year that George Adams took over the running of the business and so this is an early example under his tenureship. 

The reverse of the handle is engraved with a gartered crest featuring a leopard sejant with the dexter fore-paw resting on a pheon and the surrounding motto "SEMPER PARATUS" - "always ready". This beautiful silver fish slice remains in excellent condition.

Adelaide pattern was named in honour of Queen Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, wife to King William IV. It is a rare and highly desirable silver flatware pattern.