6 x Carrington Cartouche Silver Table Spoons, 1777 by Hester Bateman

Carrington Cartouche silver table spoons Hester Bateman 1777
Carrington Cartouche silver table spoons Hester Bateman 1777 DSCN5460 v2 DSCN5461 DSCN5462 DSCN5463 v2 DSCN5465 DSCN5466


Table Spoons (6) - Old English Feather-edge with Cartouche - London 1777 by Hester Bateman - 21.5cm long; 376g combined weight - BF/4986

Carrington Cartouche is a rare variant of Old English pattern and is also known as old English Feather-edge with Cartouche. It was briefly popular for  few years either side of 1780 and nowadays is rarely found as singletons, nevermind as a complete set of six!

These George III period spoons have the further bonus of being made by Hester Bateman and bear great examples of her sought after "HB" in script maker's mark. The condition is simply superb with unworn bowls, wonderful sets of bottom-struck hallmarks and very crisp engraving to the terminals that includes a script monogram with additional flourishes.

A terrific set of rare Georgian silver table spoons by the Queen of English Silversmiths.