6 Paul Storr Table Forks, 1811

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Table Forks (6) - London 1811 by Paul Storr - 20.5cm long; 520g combined weight - BV/1795a

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Paul Storr was the most important British silversmith of the 18th Century and these Georgian silver table forks are an excellent example of his craft. They have a very heavy feel in the hand and the original engraved armorial to the reverse terminal just adds to their splendor. 

These antique dinner forks date from the Regency period and were made in French Fiddle & Thread pattern with the heart-shaped motif on both the front and reverse tips of the handle. The condition is excellent throughout with good, long and equal tines. 

We have further matching sets in the same pattern by Paul Storr (see links below), plus another six Paul Storr table forks to match these and make up a straight dozen if required.