6 Onslow Pattern Teaspoons by T&W Chawner

Georgian Onslow Pattern silver teaspoons by Chawner 1765
Georgian Onslow Pattern silver teaspoons by Chawner 1765 DSCN8961 DSCN8962 DSCN8964


Teaspoons (6) - Onslow pattern - London circa 1765 by Thomas & William Chawner - 12cm long; 80g combined weight - NY/9722e

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This is a scarce straight set of six silver teaspoons in the sought after Onslow pattern.

Dating from the 1760's and made by the premier flatware specialist workshop of the brothers Thomas & William Chawner, this set is of very fine quality and so consequently the good gauge of silver used in manufacture has ensured that the tips of the bowls have endured to the present day. Each spoon has the diagnostic faint solder lines to front and back showing the scarf joint that attaches the cast scroll terminal to the stem.

The spoons are deeply struck to the lower shanks with the appropriate lion passant and TC/WC maker's mark. It is unusual to find such an excellent set of Georgian period Onslow pattern teaspoons.