3 Double Shell & Laurel Sorbet Spoons, 1812 by Paul Storr

Silver Double shell laurel sorbet spoons Paul Storr
Silver Double shell laurel sorbet spoons Paul Storr DSCN7569 v3 DSCN7570 v2 DSCN7572 v2 DSCN7573 v2 DSCN7574 v3


Sorbet Spoons (3) - Double Shell & Laurel Pattern - London 1812 by Paul Storr - 15.1cm long; 117g combined weight - SV/5241

These are an excellent set of three silver spoons made by the great Paul Storr.

Midway in size between a teaspoon and a dessert spoon, the most likely use for these spoons would have been for ice cream or sorbet. They are made in the highly cherished double shell & laurel pattern and bear appropriate London hallmarks for teaspoons of the Regency period that include the desirable "PS" maker's mark for Paul Storr (one is rubbed). The spoons have crisp double-struck decoration and are in fine condition.

Double Shell & Laurel pattern is a rare variant of King's pattern and is considered to be one of the most prestigious and desirable of all British flatware designs. First made by Paul Storr circa 1810 for the royal goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell, the pattern must have originally had an extraordinary premium price as very few services exist. This set of spoons is one of several pieces that we are currently offering, including a 12-person service, see photo links below.