Set of 5 Paul Storr Double Shell & Laurel Dessert Knives, 1812

Paul Storr Double shell laurel silver dessert knives
Paul Storr Double shell laurel silver dessert knives DSCN7558 v2 DSCN7559 DSCN7560 v3 DSCN7562 v2 DSCN7563 DSCN7564 v3


Dessert Knives (5) - Double Shell & Laurel Pattern - London 1812 by Paul Storr - 21.7cm long; 295g gross weight - RY/5236

These are a scarce set of dessert knives in double, shell & laurel pattern by Paul Storr.

There are five knives complete with their original steel blades that are engraved "B Smith London made" - presumably Benjamin Smith a contemporary of Storr and another notable supplier to Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. The silver handles have crisp double-struck decoration and bear original crests to the terminals. One of the knives appears to have had the blade refitted at some point and is a different way round to the other four.

The knives are in good order, although the blades are corroded and rather sharp. The hallmarks are spread either side of the handle in typical fashion for knives.

Double Shell & Laurel pattern is a rare variant of King's pattern and is considered to be one of the most prestigious and desirable of all British flatware designs. First made by Paul Storr circa 1810 for the royal goldsmiths Rundell, Bridge & Rundell, the pattern must have originally had an extraordinary premium price as very few services exist. This set of dessert knives is one of several pieces that we are currently offering, including a 12-person service, see photo links below.