Victoria Pattern Table Service of Silver Cutlery, London 1844

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57 piece Canteen - Victoria pattern (8 place settings) - London 1844 tby John & Henry Lias (& others) & knives Sheffield 1966 by CJ Vander - Weight: 3035g (97.6oz) + 24 knives - Ref: FR/8942

57 piece Victoria Pattern Silver Canteen of Cutlery, London 1844 by John & Henry Lias (and others)

 The Service

We are pleased to be offering an early Victorian period, hand-forged set of hallmarked silver cutlery made in one of the sought after patterns of the 19th century – Victoria pattern.

The service provides for all seven standard place setting pieces for 8 sittings and a single butter spreader.

All the pieces were hand-wrought in the traditional manner in London an benefit from having no personalised engravings. The set is based upon a 6-person service hallmarked for London 1844 and made by the specialist flatware makers John & Henry Lias – 28 pieces bear this hallmark whilst the others are well-matched to complete the set. As antique knives rarely survive in good condition, the   knives included with the service are top quality examples with stainless steel blades that were made by CJ Vander and are stamped for Sheffield 1966.

Victoria Pattern

Victoria pattern is considered a member of the King’s pattern family of flatware patterns. It has the same shape to the handle, although the style of decoration is completely different. The other shared feature with King’s pattern is the substantial gauge of silver required for the double-struck decoration (i.e. patterned to both sides) and the consequently hefty weight in the hand.

Victoria Pattern was designed in the late 1830’s and named in honour of Queen Victoria. It is in the Victorian rococo revival style and is one of the most sought after patterns of the 19th century.


This 57-piece service consists of the following:

  • 8 table/soup spoons – 21.1cm
  • 8 table/dinner knives – 25.5cm
  • 8 table/dinner forks – 21cm
  • 8 dessert knives – 22.5cm
  • 8 desert spoons – 18cm
  • 8 dessert forks – 17.8cm
  • 8 teaspoons - 14.7cm
  • 1 butter knife – 20.7cm

 Total weight of weighable silver 3035 grams (97.6 troy ounces).  This figure does not include the 16 knives with stainless steel blades.


Excellent original condition with just a hand-polish and clean. The double struck decoration remains crisp throughout and the service benefits from having no personalised engravings. The forks tines retain their original full and equal length and the spoon bowls are unworn.


This canteen is offered loose.


All our canteens are offered with a full money-back guarantee. We are also happy to send a sample place setting for approval, on receipt of a fully refundable surety payment - just phone or email your preferences. Alternatively, in-person viewings are welcome by appointment or via Zoom.