Silver Laceback Trefid Spoon, London 1688

Silver laceback trefid spoon London 1689 Steven Venables
Silver laceback trefid spoon London 1689 Steven Venables DSCN5126 v2 DSCN5127 v2 DSCN5128 v2 DSCN5129 DSCN5130 DSCN5131 v2 DSCN5132


Spoon - Laceback Trefid - London 1688 by Steven Venables - 19.3cm long; 46g - WF/4933

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London-made silver laceback trefid spoons are relatively scarce but this is a great example dating from the final year of James II's short reign.

The spoon is decorated to both sides of the rattail on the reverse of the bowl and to the front of the handle end in typical laceback style, together with protruding "ears" within the three-lobed terminal. An original set of betrothal initials engraved to the reverse of the handle is a nice personal touch, where the upper "W" is the surname initial of the married couple whilst "M" and "E" are their first name initials.

The spoon was made by Steven Venables Junior and is in excellent condition with an unworn bowl, good decoration and fine, antique patina.