Silver Bosun's Call, 1859 by Hilliard & Thomason

Silver bosuns whistle Birmingham 1859 HT
Silver bosuns whistle Birmingham 1859 HT DSCN8296 DSCN8297


Boatswain Whistle - Birmingham 1859 by Hilliard & Thomason - 10cm long; 11g - JS/2822

This is a rare example of an early Victorian silver bosun's call (or boatswain whistle) made by the Birmingham silversmiths, Hilliard & Thomason.

It is attractively engraved to both sides of the keel and the buoy is stamped with the fouled anchor mark of the Royal Navy, plus there is a retainer ring for hanging from a chain.  The whistle is in fine condition and blows well!

Boatswain calls were used to pass messages around navy ships and because of their high pitch were particularly effective during storms or battles. They were also used to pipe flag ranking officers or important guests aboard ship