Granite Mounted Vinaigrette, Aberdeen 1850

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Vinaigrette Description: Granite top and base - Aberdeen circa 1850 by Rettie & Sons - 50mm x 37mm - Ref. No.: OR/3915

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A very fine quality and rare      Scottish provincial vinaigrette.

 The cover and base are made from two forms of      granite - a red Peterhead granite and the blue-ish grey Aberdeen granite.      The former is largely coloured by the predominance of Orthoclase Feldspar      within it's make up. The latter is the beautiful stone from which much of      Aberdeen (The Granite City) is built and has a durable mix of quartz, mica      and plagioclase feldspar. 

This good-sized vinaigrette oozes quality and bears the      engraved name of the original retailer "Rettie & Sons      Aberdeen" to the interior of the gilt cover. The hinged grille is      exquisite with drilled holes in the form of a star. The grille and outside      of the box are beautifully engraved with architectural Gothic designs.