Georgian Silver Anchovy Sauce Label by Phipps & Robinson

Georgian silver Anchovy sauce label
Georgian silver Anchovy sauce label DSCN5326


Sauce Label - Anchovy; Rounded Oblong with Gadroon Mount - London c.1805 by Phipps & Robinson - 2.5cm wide - Ref: FF/2724

At the turn of the 18th to 19th century, Phipps & Robinson were a major specialist silversmithing partnership in making top quality smallware such as boxes and bottle tickets, and this Anchovy sauce label is a good example of their output.

The label is oblong in form with rounded ends and has a gadroon mount in the Regency taste. It hangs from a chain, is in fine condition and as appropriate for a small piece of silver of the period bears a single maker's mark to the reverse side.