Elizabeth I Silver Seal Top Spoon, London 1578

Elizabethan silver seal top spoon London 1578
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spoon - Seal Top - London 1578 by Robert Rase (probably) - 16.3cm long; 43g - CD/4024

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This is a fine quality example of an Elizabethan silver seal top spoon with a transitional form of cast finial.

The most popular type of seal finial in the 17th century was cushion-shaped, with the decorated baluster form superseding it in the 17th century; this finial is a rare combination of the two. The spoon portrays the other typical traits of an Elizabeth I period spoon with a hexagonal stem and fig-shaped bowl, plus the original V-joint for the seal finial remains visible.

Made ten years prior to the thwarted invasion attempt by the Spanish Armada, this silver seal top spoon is a great survivor and remains in great condition with an unworn bowl and good patina. The bowl mark is clear and the three marks to the stem include an excellent date letter "A" for 1578. The maker's mark is not so clearly stamped, but is most likely to be the anchor of the specialist spoonmaker Robert Rase. A fine spoon!