Chi Rho Silver Communion Spoon by A E Jones

Silver communion spoon by AE Jones
Silver communion spoon by AE Jones DSCN7858 v3 DSCN7860 v2 DSCN7861 v3 DSCN7862


Communion Spoon - Hammered Roman-style - Birmingham 1978 by A E Jones - 16cm long; 32g - PD/2566

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This is a good-sized, hand-made silver communion spoon made by AE Jones, the arts & crafts specialist. 

The spoon is in the style of a Roman example and has a spot hammered all over finish. The bowl is engraved with the Chi Rho Christogram (conjoined first two letters of Greek word for Christ). It measures just over 6" long and is in fine condition with clear hallmarks.