Bernard Instone Sugar Sifter Spoon

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Sugar Sifter Spoon - Turquoise Terminal - Birmingham 1927 by Bernard Instone - 11.9cm long; 19g gross weight - RA/9679</p>

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This splendid sugar sifter spoon was made by Bernard Instone and fortuitously remains contained within its original case - as shown by the Langstone Production emblem (with "BI" conjoined mark) impressed inside the lid. Langstone Works in Digbeth, Birmingham was the location of his workshop between 1920 and 1954.


This very attractive silver sifter ladle has a beautiful turquoise set to the handle terminal and the handle has a spot hammered finish as favoured by the Arts & Crafts movement. The spoon is in excellent condition throughout and is quite a rarity as Instone is more well known for his range of jewellery.