Bright-cut Teaspoon Peter & Jonathan Bateman

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Teaspoon - Old English; bright-cut engraved - London 1790 by Peter & Jonathan Bateman - 127mm long - Ref. No.: AT/1504

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A very rare example of a piece of silver by the most sought after partnership in the Bateman dynasty of silversmiths. Peter and his brother Jonathan were sons of the famous Hester Bateman. Their partnership was short lived due to the premature death of Jonathan from cancer. All pieces with their makers mark bear the date letter "p" for 1790/1 as they worked for only 6 months during this date letter year.


This teaspoon is a particularly attractive example with crisp bright cut engraving. The terminal is engraved with betrothal initials and the spoon is in fine condition with a good patina.