Balmoral Vinaigrette, 1851 Nat Mills

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Vinaigrette - Balmoral Castle - Birmingham 1851 by Nathaniel Mills - 4.8cm x 2.7cm x 0.9cm; 20g - PH/1492

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This is a rare castle top with an engraved scene of Balmoral Castle set amongst a lush pastoral and afforested foreground and bleak mountainous backdrop. The box was made by the superlative Nathaniel Mills and bears appropriate Birmingham box hallmarks to each section. The underside is engine turned with original script initials to the centre and the interior is gilt. This silver vinaigrette is in excellent condition with a curious set of scratched initials and dates inside the cover.


Balmoral Castle has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert. The estate was first bought in 1848 and the original house was considered inadequate in size and so was re-built. Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone for the current building in 1851 and the project was completed in 1856. Balmoral remains the favoured summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II.