William & Mary Trefid Spoon, 1697 by Wm Scarlett

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<p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Spoon - Trefid - London 1697 by William Scarlett - 196mm long; 45g weight - Ref. No.: GN/9516</p>

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This William & Mary period trefid spoon has a fantastic set of hallmarks for the first full year of Britannia Standard silver. The New Standard of a higher purity silver was introduced on 27th March 1697 to prevent, amongst other reasons, the act of coin clipping. This spoon bears a clear date letter for the period 28th May 1697 to 27th May 1698.


The spoon also has the added feature of a decorated rattail in the form of a line of beads. The reverse terminal bears original baptismal initials. The condition of the spoon is good, however the bowl tip is a little sharp and has been rounded off which has resulted in a loss of patina to the bowl.