Trefid Spoon, 1683

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Trefid Spoon - Plain rattail - London 1683 by Nicholas Clements - 18.9cm long; 49g - YS/8760b</p>

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This trefid spoon is a fine example of its type with a good clear set of late Charles II period hallmarks. The spoon has a plain rattail to the reverse of the bowl and is naively dot-prick engraved "IB" to the reverse terminal - this is most likely "JB" in modern parlance. The hallmarks are all clear to read and include the "NC" makers mark within a heart-shaped punch with mullet below - this mark is most likely to have belonged to Nicholas Clements (Mitchell 2018). Clements was apprenticed to the spoonmaker Adam King between 1675 and 1682 and is the only occurrence of a late 17th century silversmith with the initials "NC". The condition of the spoon is excellent too, with a good, unworn bowl and fine patina throughout.