'Singing Foxes' Sherry Label

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Wine Label - Sherry; 'Singing Foxes' - London circa 1827 by Charles Rawlings - 6cm max. width; 20.5g - LF/6332

This is a fine example of the highly sought after, so-called "Singing Foxes" wine label that was designed and produced by Charles Rawlings in the early 1820's. This Georgian silver label is pierced for Sherry and has a fox to either side that appear to be howling or singing, but are more likely to be staring longingly at the grapes above their heads. The top of the label has openwork vine and grapes, whilst the lower half is decorated with leafy tendrils. The hallmarks are located to the reverse and partly cut-out by the piercing; the CR maker's mark is clear and the date letter looks most likely to be "m". This is a great quality bottle ticket in excellent condition (the chain is a little shorter than typical).