Seal-top Spoon, 1620

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Spoon - Seal-top - London 1620 - 15.6cm long; 39g - AM/2362

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Dating from the same year as the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620, this is an excellent example of a James I period silver seal top spoon. The spoon has a fabulous deep, fig-shaped bowl, a hexagonal stem and decorated baluster finial. The spoon is in superb condition with a fine patina, no wear to the bowl and a good set of hallmarks (an especially clear bowl mark). The plate at the top of the seal terminal is dot-pricked with original ownership initials and a date (tricky to work out!), likewise the maker's mark is visible but we have been unable to make an attribution. This is a great spoon at a very competitive price and soon to celebrate its quadricentenary.