Paul Storr Chamberstick, 1837

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Chamberstick - Round with loop handle - London 1837 by Paul Storr - 9.2cm high; 16cm diameter dish; 414g - WD/6058</p>

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Paul Storr is acknowledged to have been the greatest English silversmith of the 19th century and this chamberstick by him is a fine example. Standing on a round, dished base with reed and ribbon mount, this bedtime candlestick is complete with removable sconce nozzle and conical-shaped snuffer for extinguishing the lit candlestick. The latter is not original (London 1844), but matches well and fits snugly in to the square holder attached to the loop handle. The underside of the chamberstick is clearly marked with the famous "PS" maker's mark (sconce nozzle appropriately part marked) and additionally stamped "Storr & Mortimer". The condition is excellent.