Flame-back Trefid Spoon, 1677

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Spoon - Trefid with Flameback - London 1677 by John King - 19.4cm long; 48g - NY/6887c

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This is a very rare example of a silver trefid spoon with "flame" decoration to the reverse of the bowl and front terminals of the stem. Akin to the more frequently encountered lace-back, the flame-back is much more scarce and this example benefits from being in excellent condition throughout with a good, unworn bowl. The decoration around the rattail to the reverse of the bowl remains crisp and the design and crispness is reflected at the front terminal.


The reverse terminal is engraved with a scratch engraved betrothal triangle "S" over "TM"; this appears original and is an early example of this style of ownership engraving. A further bonus for this spoon is the fine, clear set of hallmarks, including the "IK" maker's mark of the premier spoonmaker of the late 17th century, John King. A fine example of a very rare form of spoon!


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