Dog-nose Basting Spoon, 1713

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Basting Spoon - Dog-nose pattern - London 1713 by Isaac Davenport - 31.5cm long; 135g - HC/5835</p>

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An outstanding example of a silver dog nose basting or gravy spoon with everything you could want out of such a spoon! The Dog Nose pattern was the transitional pattern between the earlier Trefid spoon and the more modern Hanoverian pattern and the reign of Queen Anne coincides neatly with its period of production. This 12" long spoon has a really good weight and balance and is in superb condition with a good, unworn bowl and a fine original patina. The reverse terminal bears an interesting set of early 18th century style engraved initials; a betrothal triangle to the top where the newly wed's surname begins with "S" and presumably the spoon was given soon after as a baptismal gift to their child whose initials "ES" are located below. The spoon bears an exemplary set of Britannia Standard marks including the "DA" mark of Isaac Davenport, a specialist spoonmaker.