6 x Galleon-back Teaspoons, 1815

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Teaspoons (6) - Galleon picture-back - London 1815 by William Bateman - 13.2cm long; 79g - GV/1895</p>

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These are a rare and fabulous set of 6 silver teaspoons decorated to the reverse with a galleon in full sail. Picture backs of this type generally date from the mid to late 18th century, however these spoons date from the year that the Napoleonic Wars ended with Wellington's victory at Waterloo. These spoons may well celebrate the role that the Royal Navy played in the final victory.


The galleon pictures are crisp throughout with just very minor wear. The condition of the bowls is excellent with original tips intact and the terminals bear original engraving too. These good-sized Old English pattern spoons were made by William Bateman. the hallmarks are mostly crisp, but one has been struck off-centre and is less clear.